Trafalgar Transformed: Richard III

Dear Reader,

Martin Freeman Photo: Marc Brenner
Martin Freeman
Photo: Marc Brenner

yes, this is going to be an English review, as I saw this theatrical master piece in London. It just feels right, to review it in it’s original language. As you read last week, I have seen a German production of William Shakespeare’s Richard III a few weeks ago. I love this play and don’t get tired of watching it. Unfortunately the German production wasn’t as good as expected. In fact I was truly disappointed. The Trafalgar Studios, however, just nailed it! I was a huge fan of the first Trafalgar Transformed season, starting in 2013. Even though I was not able to attend a show, I could not help but admire the many events around the new concept. The Trafalgar Studios had fiery debates, post-show Q&As, masterclasses and rehearsed readings, attended by British theater heavy weights such as Andrew Scott and Antonia Fraser. I would have killed to be there. In March 2014 the second season of Trafalgar Transformed was announced. Sherlock-Star and my favorite Hobit Martin Freeman was to play the incredible Richard III in Shakespeares play of the same name. I needed to be there. Lucky for me, I had signed up for a mailing list to get the latest news about the new season. As it turned out later, by doing so I got priority booking. Hell yeah! We got perfect seats on the stage. Jap, you’ve heard right: ON THE STAGE! With Martin Freeman only half a meter away and a bunch of insanely good actors surrounding him, I was probably the happiest theater-girl ever.

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