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as you might have recognized, I am easily excited about… well… everything. Especially when it comes to theatre. While you can read all English Tuesday post by simply clicking on the English Tuesday button, you’ll find my favorite posts highlighted on this page. I’m intending to alter the highlight posts every once in a while, showing you either very cool plays or personal posts. So don’t forget to have a look from time to time.

Trafalgar Transformed: Richard III
yes, this is going to be an English review, as I saw this theatrical master piece in London. It just feels right, to review it in it’s original language. As you read last week, I have seen a German production of William Shakespeare’s Richard III a few weeks ago. I love this play and don’t get tired of watching it. Unfortunately the German production wasn’t as good as expected. In fact I was truly disappointed. The Trafalgar Studios, however, just nailed it! [read more…]

Let me have war, say I – Coriolanus
Did you recognize the quote? It would not surprise me, if you’ve never heard it.“Coriolanus” is probably the most unknown of Shakespeare’s plays. Understandable, since most Roman stories are corny and gush about always the same presentations and behaviors. Well, Coriolanus is different. Last week I have seen it as a live broadcast from the National Theatre London. As a preliminary I reveal this much: The cast was a dream. [read more…]

Does that mean I can do anything? – The Curious Incident
I am so sorry. Due to my busy work schedule I wasn’t able to write the English review on time. But here it is. So, do you remember how excited I was about Coriolanus? I think I said that I have never seen anything better and Tom Hiddleston showed a performance that is second to none. Uh, yes, I probably should stop thinking in the context of German theater. It’s not like we don’t have great plays in Germany. But the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a fireworks display of histrionic performance, interesting story, great choreography and a fancy stage set. [read more..]

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