Trafalgar Transformed: Richard III

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Martin Freeman Photo: Marc Brenner
Martin Freeman
Photo: Marc Brenner

yes, this is going to be an English review, as I saw this theatrical master piece in London. It just feels right, to review it in it’s original language. As you read last week, I have seen a German production of William Shakespeare’s Richard III a few weeks ago. I love this play and don’t get tired of watching it. Unfortunately the German production wasn’t as good as expected. In fact I was truly disappointed. The Trafalgar Studios, however, just nailed it! I was a huge fan of the first Trafalgar Transformed season, starting in 2013. Even though I was not able to attend a show, I could not help but admire the many events around the new concept. The Trafalgar Studios had fiery debates, post-show Q&As, masterclasses and rehearsed readings, attended by British theater heavy weights such as Andrew Scott and Antonia Fraser. I would have killed to be there. In March 2014 the second season of Trafalgar Transformed was announced. Sherlock-Star and my favorite Hobit Martin Freeman was to play the incredible Richard III in Shakespeares play of the same name. I needed to be there. Lucky for me, I had signed up for a mailing list to get the latest news about the new season. As it turned out later, by doing so I got priority booking. Hell yeah! We got perfect seats on the stage. Jap, you’ve heard right: ON THE STAGE! With Martin Freeman only half a meter away and a bunch of insanely good actors surrounding him, I was probably the happiest theater-girl ever.

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Irrlichter Rehearsal Pictures

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today I’ve decided not to give you the English version of the Hairspray Jr. review. Mainly because it was written by a friend and I don’t want to steal her credit. And there is a lot of stuff I could writ about anyway. So today you get an article about the play I’m in right now. It is called Irrlichter, written by John Schöllgen. A young playwright from Düsseldorf who’s play Die Schattenfrau von Venedig recently was performed in Switzerland. He brought our small theatre group called Dead Parrot Theatre to life. I’m very happy about that, because he managed not only to bring together a bunch of amazing actors, but to create a small family. Unlike other ensembles I know, there is no resentment or drama off stage.

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Otello – Beware, my Lord, of jealousy.

Dear reader, this week I had something very special on my agenda. José Cura, world-renowned and celebrated tenor, honored Cologne and sang Verdi’s Otello (yes, this version is actually written without the H). The Opera takes us to the spot where the vengeful Iago plans a plot against Othello and his faithful friend Cassio. The reason for this intrigue was Cassio’s designation to captain of … Otello – Beware, my Lord, of jealousy. weiterlesen

Dirty and nasty and totally sexy – 49 1/2 Shades of Gray

Dear reader, yesterday I was  at the long-awaited preview of 49 1/2 Shades – The musical parody! in Dusseldorf. The title is already a parody of itself, because according to the German trademark law the original title (50 Shades – The Musical Parody!) was not allowed to be used. The story is quickly told. It’s all about a sofa, three by her own love life … Dirty and nasty and totally sexy – 49 1/2 Shades of Gray weiterlesen