Irrlichter Rehearsal Pictures

Dear reader,

today I’ve decided not to give you the English version of the Hairspray Jr. review. Mainly because it was written by a friend and I don’t want to steal her credit. And there is a lot of stuff I could writ about anyway. So today you get an article about the play I’m in right now. It is called Irrlichter, written by John Schöllgen. A young playwright from Düsseldorf who’s play Die Schattenfrau von Venedig recently was performed in Switzerland. He brought our small theatre group called Dead Parrot Theatre to life. I’m very happy about that, because he managed not only to bring together a bunch of amazing actors, but to create a small family. Unlike other ensembles I know, there is no resentment or drama off stage.

So, what is Irrlichter about? Well, there is an old English Manor in the middle of Nowhere. Of course it is haunted. A young boy and a pretty dead girl are about to solve it’s mystery. A dangerous and breath taking adventure begins. As I’m planning to writ about the play more detailed on Friday (and on English Tuesday, of course) , I’m not digging deep into the story for now.

What I actually wanted to share with you, are some rehearsal pictures. We were visited by the two photographers of LightSprings which you have read about on this blog earlier. It was a fun day with them and the rehearsals went very good. I think you can see the fun we had in the photos below. Enjoy them!

Sincerely yours,
Auri der Theatergeist

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