Art? Nope… TRASH! Lukas Und…

Dear reader,

Der Theatergeist mit Begleitung.
Der Theatergeist mit Begleitung.

well, I say this reluctant and if you have read my previous reviews, you know that I’m very careful about such statements. But what I saw last Thursday was … terrible. Lukas und das Untier, was the promising name of the thing (I thought it to be a play, but no). I think I’ve never had to experience a greater discrepancy between a summary and the actual production. There is a saying in Germany that roughly translates to „Even if it’s art you can throw it away.“ That’s how I felt. I mean, the girls of Lukas und had probably tsome kind of idea while constructing this „play“. But once again it showed that Theaterwissenschaftler are somehow theoretical persons. Creative people who want to realize themselves seldom create theater but rather often an experience or… whatever.

The summary promised that the Ensemble together with their dog Lukas deal with the animal in us and with the animal (the dog) before our eyes. It has been said that the stage becomes a scene of confrontation of species. The whole thing began with two women who stood on stage who spoke alternately without acting but in Brechtian style. „My friend can …“ alternated with „My friend is …“ or „My friend do not know …“. And there was the line „Right now“ in between. Whatever that meant remained a mystery to me (and a large part of the audience). After this ten minute word-exchange, the curtain opened. Full of expectation the audience leaned forward. Now the actual play would start, we thought. But no! We had to witness how the stage was dismantled in a seemingly endless sequence. Silent. The monster (dog Lukas), walked (more or less interested) between the ensemble. Uh well…

In another scene, two microphone stands were carried from left to right, degraded, and again brought to the other side of the stage. For how long? Ten minutes again? It felt like hours. The whole scene, again, was presented silent. Oh and has anyone seen the dog? No? Too bad … Somehow, I have no words. There were two or three more scenes where everything was silently dismantled. The bright spot of the evening was, actually, the moment when hundreds of small red balls rained down from the ceiling and Lukas tried to grab them all. Well someone had fun.

At the end of the evening there was nothing but speechlessness. My companion, a stage director and one of our technicians realized later that evening that we had talked about everything, but the play. There was nothing to say. We agreed, that we in all the time that we deal with theater never have seen anything so – Yes, what? Monstrous? Terrible? Boring? I’m disappointed. And I hope that the next time is clearly written in the summary when a play is going to be a production of the conceptual realization of a creative mind and not theater as I understand it. Do not get me wrong, I love and enjoy modern plays. I realy do. I don’t get what (if any) the disjointed dismantling of the stage has to do with theater and acting. I’m sorry that this art form does not touch or reach me in any way. However, much of the audience looked as if they felt the same. Lucky for me.

Sincerely yours,

3 Gedanken zu “Art? Nope… TRASH! Lukas Und…

  1. Well that sounds… Odd…. if not to say bad o.O

    So zu GoT ^^ Ich les die auch auf Englisch und muss dann die deutschen Freunde fragen, wo der Band genau aufgehört hat xD Das ist immer blöd, aber westenlich einfacher zu rezensieren o.O es passiert zuviel in den büchern.

    Lg Anna

  2. oje :o( Das klingt ja wirklich nach einem künstlerischen Fettnäpfchen par excellence :I Schade, wenn man sich auf einen schönen Abend im Theater freut…

    Ich habe mich mal bei eriner Inszenierung von Kafkas „Das Schloss“ ganz ähnlich gefühlt – hin und her gerissen zwischen „Sprachlosigkeit“ und „Fremdschämen“ :I

    Ich hoffe, dein nächster Theaterbesuch wird sich wieder etwas mehr lohnen.
    Aber (ein bisschen was positives kann man ja allem abgewinnen): wenn es nicht zwischendurch auch solche Vorstellungen gäbe, wüssten wir die richtig tollen vielleicht nicht mehr so sehr zu schätzen :o)

    Viele liebe Grüße aus Sydney an den lieben Theatergeist!
    Nana :o)

    1. Liebe Nana,

      danke für deinen langen Kommentar, ich nehme an du hast die Blue Mountains also gut überstanden 😉

      Huh, Kafka ist ja generell immer ein bisschen anders. Schade, dass du so etwas auch schon erleben musstest.

      Ja, vielleicht hast du Recht. In der Tat war die nächste Vorstellung großartig und es kann gut sein, dass man davon irgendwann übersättigt ist.

      Genieße Sydney und lass es dir gut gehen!

      Liebe Grüße,

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